How A+ Math Learning Method Began.

The International standard for over 40 years

Based in Ahmedabad, Noble Institute is managed by Board of Directors that insure the quality training and customer service. From 1971 till 2014, over 40 years, Noble Institute has successfully designed, developed and delivered Training to Higher Secondary science students. More than 250,000 HSC students are trained at Noble’s 8 centers, in the subjects of Math, Physics, Chemistry & Biology for their exams that help build their professional career in Medicine, Engineering & Science.

Prof. N. S. Patel (Math)

Noble’s innovative Lead Directors, Prof. N S Patel (Math), & Prof Ashwin Oza (Physics) observed that in a classroom teaching, teacher is active speaker while students are passive listener, taking notes, memorizing facts, and being fed information from the teachers. They felt the need to offer structured Independent Learning system to students besides classroom teaching. They came up with the idea to develop a structuredPersonalized Learning Center

Prof. Ashwin Oza (Physics)

Powerful A+ Math Training

In the Academic year of 2015-16, phasing out from the HSC Science training, Noble introduced Powerful & Personalized, A+Math Learning system at its Satellite Judges Bungla, & Naranpura (behind Pragatinagar garden) centers. A+ Math provide one on one training to students of Elementary, Middle School and High School students.

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You’ll find that A+ Math is different from passive learning programs. Instead of taking notes, memorizing facts, and being fed information from teachers or a tutor, your child actively develops critical, self-learning skills. A+ Math accomplishes this through: